Salon and Spa Services for Senior Communities
Creating Beauty and Comfort with Respect and Fun

C & G applies our Salon and Spa experience for a multitude of types of Senior Communities.
C & G Salon and Spa knows that each community operates uniquely and all individuals have different wants and needs.
We respect those differences and challenge ourselves to create a service that is best for both worlds.
We actively operate with communities to promote new move ins as well as make the Salon as a social hub for the residents.
We work with community activities and often promote prizes for salon service during games, holidays, etc...

Today, more than ever, the retirement-aged population seeks to secure a future that is active and satisfying as the life-style to which has been accustomed. With longer life expectantcies and the over-abundance of products and services designed for the senior community-at-large, retirement homes and nursing homes must also appeal to an activity-level for it's residents, unmatched in past decades.
CG Staffing (C & G Salon and Spa ) answers Senior Community Salon and Spa needs.

CG Staffing (C & G Salon & Spa) has built a reputation of performance and excellence with a direct coalition with retirement homes, nursing facilities, and other senior living communities due to our upbeat, appealing experience.

It is with a tradition of commitment and respect that we propose to serve your retirement community. CG Staffing (C & G Salon and Spa) will manage all aspects of shop operations from staffing licensing, training, facility management and inventory control.

Your Entity, Residents and Family will appreciate our Salon and Spa service,
thus enabling your community to be more than competitive and effective.


Telephone: 832.515.6497